Our inaugural Small and Loud in January 2016.

Small and Loud is a scratch night for live performance in Melbourne. It is a space for artists to test their freshest ideas – new works in development that need an audience and some robust kindness.


We take submissions from Melbourne-based artists once every three months. We then arrange these submissions into monthly events, which are held on the last Wednesday of each month, at The Arts Centre in Southbank. 

Our focus is on theatre and live performance, but we’re always interested in work that straddles disciplines. We’re pro-straddle.

Each event is curated with the aim of bringing artists together who might inform each other’s work. There are 3-4 presentations at each event, which range from 10-20 minutes in length.

As this space is a testing ground we are exploring a variety of ways for audiences to provide feedback both during and after the performances.  

We are pro access, which is why each event will be free (thanks to the support of our friends at The Arts Centre Creative Learning Unit).


Small and Loud is run by Liv Satchell and Georgia Symons. We are both writer/directors and between us we have 10 years of producing experience. We are really excited to be taking this program into its third year!


At every event we read out this address before we begin:

“This is a space for empathy, curiosity and courage, in our work, ourselves, and in our interactions with each other. It is a space for rigour rather than negativity; for true kindness rather than false praise. Please respect this space, and one another.”

It is very important to us that these values are reflected in everything we do.


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